Saturday, April 3, 2010


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Two weeks ago, The Triad experienced some pretty bad weather. High Point and Davidson County were hit hard.
Let me just say that High Point hasn't experienced something like this in quite some time. Not, at least, in the sixteen years I've been living here. In fact, according to a friend of mine at the Red Cross a disaster this bad hasn't occurred in almost 80 years. Of the tornadoes we’ve experienced, these two generated the most damage on record.

I was at church when they hit. It was pretty rough outside. By the time I arrived home the worst of it was over. I spent the time sitting in my room writing, oblivious to the danger. One of the tornadoes cut a path just a quarter mile from my house. It is a very disconcerting thing to consider.

I came down stairs a little later in the evening and watched the weather with my dad. Johnnson Street, which is situated about a half mile from my home, got the brunt. There was a gas leak Sunday night in addition to the structural damage done. I believe the statistic was 80 buildings demolished, perhaps a better term would unlivable. I’ve lived in the community long enough to know several of the people affected. Of those I know, only one family lost their home.
The miracles part about the whole ordeal is that no one was killed. I don’t even know of any serious injuries in High Point.

Monday morning, my family and I (minus Dad) went to survey the damage. If you know anything about tornadoes, you probably know they’re irrational in the devastation they cause (and sometimes you wind up in a strange place called “munchkin land”).
The worst of the destruction we saw was right along Johnnson itself. Along the road there are neighborhoods on the left, primarily the vinylville sort of subdivisions which have popped up in the last decade. There is also a church on that side of the road which sits upon a hill. On the right side sit individual houses, and older developments behind those. On to the interesting bit.

The worst home we saw lost the roof and walls on the top story. It was a surreal experience. On one side of the house you could see bushes untouched. Just around the corner the bushes were naked, completely stripped of their leaves. According to a friend from the Red Cross, there was a China cabinet which wasn’t even touched.
In one of the upstairs bedrooms-now exposed-the smoke alarm beeped. Down below, in the yard, the bathtub sat upright.

One of the strangest things I saw was insulation strewn in the Bradford pair trees. It hung like ice sickles from the branches.
The house I’m talking about has been featured on all the local news stations, but it’s never the same as viewing it in person.
I heard the owners of one severally damaged house; put a sign in the front yard which read, “House for sale, as is.” I admire anybody how can maintain that level of optimism and humor.

I want to thank the local emergency response crews, Police, Firefighters etc. I’d especially like to thank the local Red Cross, of which I am proud to be a member. Admittedly, I haven’t done any volunteer work for this disaster, but I know several people who have. I’d be remiss to ignore God’s role in this whole thing. He’s really been good to our community.

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  1. lol, I found your blog just like I found Kendra's, a VERY long rabbit trail starting with a blogger in California. I think I saw your profile picture in Carpe Diem's followers section and wanted to see it bigger, which is how I found yours from Kendra's. I know that Abby's Blog was a link in there somewhere, and I remember a couple of the bloggers in-between, but I don't know exactly how I found her(then your) page. I'm glad I did though, I really like your style of writing. Wow, I hadn't heard how bad the storms were till now, I didn't realize that much damage was caused. A few classmates said that tornadoes were about a mile away from them, but that is all I really heard (other than being under a tornado watch and really freaky winds at my house). I can't believe not a single person was killed, that is definitely miraculous. Thanks for the post!

  2. You're in the Challenge III class at West Side Chapel aren't you?
    Haha, you seem to have found me in a rather round about fashion but so long as you got here I'm happy.
    I appreciate the the complements, it's very encouraging to know that someone enjoys what I write. The picture was taken at the lake near my house. I love going for walks out there.

  3. I honestly don't know the name of the church(es), which is sad :D lol. But I can tell you I'm in Mrs. S's class, if you know who that is. You're not in Mrs. A's class, are you!?!? No way I've been reading your blog for months and didn't know that... I mean I assumed you were in Kendra's class, and she isn't in Mrs. A's class... Anyway, the lake looks gorgeous, I don't blame you, I'd probably spend all day out there.

  4. I am in Mrs. Agresti's class ( I believe that's who you are referring to). I'm Ben Keith.

    Kendra attends at another location.