Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Past Week

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My life has been quite eventful this past week. Starting with with this past Wednesday and culminating in Mock Trial on the 20th (Tuesday).

On Wednesday I got quite a wonderful surprise. A very dear friend of mine, named Logan dropped in for a visit unexpectedly (or at least, I had no idea he was coming). I've only seen him one other time since he moved to Texas in 2008. This past Christmas we drove down there both as a vacation and gift for my sixteenth birthday. It was a blast!

As much as I enjoyed the visit, there was nothing like having him home. The evening he arrived we walked over to a friend's house to surprise her. Actually, stun would be a better word for it. The next couple of days were spent reconnecting with friends.

Our fun culminated on Saturday with a trip to Friendly Center. Unfortunately, the two girls didn't stay very long but at least it gave the guys some time to talk. And talk we did, from probably 8 til midnight with very little pause. This is a rare blessing for two reasons: A) We are guys, nuf said. B) This was the first chance we'd had in over two years. Defiantly a winner in the big deal category.

Tangent: The creeps come out at night at Friendly Center. While it might be ok during the week I wouldn't let my daughter hang out there after dark (assuming I had a daughter) without a couple of football players to accompany her. I would probably buy them dinner for beating someone up. Well...maybe that last part's a stretch.

All in all thought, I haven't experienced such a wonderful time with friends in quite some time. Thought I was by no means looking forward to Logan leaving on Sunday, I had reached a place where I was OK with it.
It was not a perfect weekend, but pretty darn close.

Monday was prepping for the last day of class. Tuesday was my final day of Classical Conversations (homeschool group).

After class on Tuesday I had Mock Trial, I was on the jury. I could go into a lengthy description but I think everyone who reads this is familiar with what I'm talking about.
It was an interesting experience being on the jury, having participated in it only two years before. I didn't feel too young at the time, but looking back we must have been. Two years isn't a great span, yet it sure felt that way as I sat and looked at the students.

It is more stressful than I imagined being on the jury, you hold a lot of power over the competition and distributing points fairly isn't as easy as I had imagined (apparently I have too many preconceived notions). In the end I believe the better team won. Although each team was close in skill.
On a side note, Chick-Fil-A has great coffee. If you ignore the adverse effect on the bladder it remains quite a calming drink, even when caffeinated.
Shout out to Kendra by the way, sorry about Mock Trial.

Also check out Logan's blog, it's great (I'm not biased at all).

Thanks for reading!

I hope to have a deeper post up soon.