Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beauty & Truth

Beauty is truth in tangible form. All truth holds beauty and all beauty reminds the soul of the Creator's majesty. 

God is love. Love is the supreme truth, the supreme beauty. 

Beauty is tangible love.When God smiles, when He laughs we hear it in the song of birds and the happiness of 

children, the roar of oceans and the howling wind.

It is seen in sunsets and fire and snow and couples in love. 

If such fractured mirrors reflect his glory, what must his presence be like?

Grasping, trying not to be incinerated. My heart reveling, as all the beauty is revealed at once.

 Pain and time melting away like wax, fading into eternity past.


Show me what it means to bring beauty, your beauty, into this finite world.